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Over the last ten years we have had the pleasure of filming many varied and personal events as those listed here. If you are considering anything similar and would like more information, we will be very pleased to hear from you

We offer personal advice and guidance together with freely available and realistic quotations, without any obligation

We can also  provide a discreet and very personal film servicve for the following

A Legacy Message

A video legacy message is one you would like to leave to your family or to a special loved one, a comforting reminder for them to turn to.  The thoughts or feelings you could never say, or a particular message for someone to hear in the future, perhaps on a specific occasion. Whatever the message, we will sensitively film it at a place of your choosing and produce it on disc or digitally, to be saved for an appointed trustee to fulfil. 

Memorial Film

Because of ill-health, travel distance or other reasons, family or friends may be unable to attend the memorial service of a loved one or dear friend as they wished. To help them feel part of the congregation saying farewell, we will sensitively film the occasion to produce it on disc or other media, for it to be presented to the absent friends or family 

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